Claudia Acosta


Claudia Acosta entered the world of writing by unofficially providing a domina perspective to Kylie Gable’s books. As her contributions grew, Kylie insisted on giving her co-writer credit. Claudia has yet to write a story on her own, but is particularly proud of the story Claudia: Campus Domme which is about her own adventures in college. Clauida also works as an operator taking calls on NiteFlirt. Often the stories she hears from callers prove to be great jumping off points for stories.

Kylie Gable


Kylie has often said that when he went away to college he was the world’s worst (and possibly smallest) alpha male.  Fortunately for his readers, he fell right into the clutches of a quartet of dominant women.  He wrote about his college experiences in the series Welcome to College and then he just kept right on going.  With over 70 stories on Amazon to date, he’s been the most prolific member of Candy Apple thanks in part to sticking to a book every two weeks schedule for two years.

Mindi Harris


Mindi worked up the ranks from a reader of forced feminization to an editor and then finally to author.  Mindi has had her hand in a lot of the books in our back catalogue in some roll or another.  Mindi specializes in stories of women pushed to their breaking point finding revenge through feminization exploring fetishes that she finds exciting. Her stories focus on reasonable situations, compelling motivations, and plausible circumstances. In other words: no magic, science fiction, or other things that couldn’t really happen. Find all the Mindi Harris books online here.

Alyssa Paige


Alyssa is a late 20’s Midwestern transplant attempting to fit in on the East Coast with varied success. She enjoys video games, hiking, reading, movies and a large array of “normal” activities. By day she works a boring office job, but by night perversion is the name of the game! Her passion entails stories of forced feminization and BDSM, as those are her kinky interests in “real life”. She will occasionally write using other themes to challenge herself, and will randomly write in some fun genres. She really excels in writing series, which give her characters more of a chance to develop than short stories do.